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January 22, 2020

Luava handcrafted leather wallet premium

Luava is now available worldwide

Greetings from Finland for all the countries in the planet Earth. For a long time I've been thinking about changing the language of my site to English and it has finally happened! The reason for doing this is on several requests and so that anyone (who knows English) can order my creations. These requests motivated me greatly and gave me the patience for changing the language. I can honestly say that it was a huge project for one craftsman from Finland but it's nice to say that Luava is now available worldwide. 

Luava handcrafted leather products from Finland

Luava free worldwide shipping

Free worldwide shipping

While I did the translations I decided to give free worldwide shipping for all purchases over 45 € / $50 USD. This way you can order for example Card Holder or 6 pcs of Leather Coasters without delivery fee which makes the decision much easier. Purchases under that price have different shipping rates for Finland, Europe and rest of the world according to the Finnish Post service but are still decent.

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I've always hated the word blog. When I hear that word I immediately think of a young adult in bed with a new hip facial creme in hand and freshly poured coffee on the other trying to write something interesting about their lives while promoting a product that clearly is paid ad. It's a scene I won't get involved. Instead I like the word "Stories". It sums up what I really want to write about: fictional short stories, stories behind products I make, stories about the process of my work and other interesting projects etc. Also I've always loved drawing so hopefully that'll be a part of the writings (a challenge for the future me)!

Stories let your mind wander. Stories paint a picture and carries you elsewhere. Hope I'll manage to do that for some of you!

Luava handcrafted leather camera strap

Update for the leather products

An update to my leather products is that I will be using more and more reclaimed leather. Now I have an old messenger bag (with a beautiful patina), backpack and the leathers from couple of chairs from the 70's waiting for me to make something out of them. It has so much meaning to own a leather product that has been something totally different in it's past life.

Stay tuned for more info about these. I'm sure to make a story about these projects so you can see where the products came from!


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Luava cord roll handcrafted leather

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