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Card Holder Moss

The first wallet design from me ever - and still my favorite! It's the most simple wallet there is and practical as well. This Moss leather is thick so you can fit up to 6 cards there immediately with folded cash and even more later as the leather has settled. The thickness also gives it extra protection.

The color of the leather "Moss" is one of my favorites: it's matt with a cool texture, soft and it has this smooth feel to it. After some time in use, the leather starts to turn more glossy and the texture gets highlighted.

The dimensions of this Card Holder Moss: 6,8 cm by 10 cm (4" by 2 5/8").

Made to order - lead time is up to two weeks before shipping. If there's inventory left (it will be visible below this text) the product will be shipped within two days from purchase.

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