Card Holder Whiskey


My first wallet design - ever! Small adjustments have taken places but the core idea has stayed the same: a minimalistic yet practical wallet that keeps your holdings safe. This is one of the thickest leathers I've used so it might be better to start with 5 cards and folded cash. Then, as an experienced Card Holder Whiskey user you can add your sixth card in there and maybe a bit later another one if you dare. Coins are forbidden - give them to the next street musician you bump into!

This leather has the most texture ever so remember that there will be variations on the textures. All pieces are one of a kind so you would be getting truly a unique wallet. The surface of the leather is glossy with heavy texture and the inner side of the leather is soft. The tough waxed white thread gives it a nice contrast.

Available also in the colors ShadeBrandy and Moss.

Card Holder Whiskey's size is 6,8 cm by 10 cm (4" by 2 5/8").

The lead time might get up to two weeks before shipping as I'm the only one crafting these products. I hope you get it!

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