Passport Cover

The necessary item of a traveler. Isn't it annoying when the corner of your passport gets folded or broken? Or one page comes off? I know it is and that's why I designed this minimalistic Passport Cover. It's handcrafted out of genuine yak leather which is as tough as it gets! And it's hand-stitched with strong waxed thread giving a peaceful contrast to the dark leather.

It (of course) fits your passport but along with that, you can put your other travel documents in there. Everything in one place so that you don't have to make a scene at the gate trying to find your flight ticket. Make traveling easier and go minimal.

This will shock you but the dimensions of this Passport Cover are a bit larger than your passport.

Passport Covers along with all other products are made to order so please consider the production time up to 2 weeks before shipment. This includes the order queue and the time it takes me to craft your product. Thank you for understanding!

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