Wallet Premium Nude

Wallet Premium has been the most popular wallet in my catalog. For the sake of this fact, I made new colors available for it and this one is Nude. Wallet Premium Nude is a versatile wallet that holds up to 8 cards inside, coins, folded cash in their own place under the cover, and the most frequently used card on the back. All in a compact shape. Actually, this wallet is made out of only one piece of leather folded precisely. 

Nude is uncolored leather which means it patinates rather quickly. Leather balm makes it darker so take that into consideration if you're planning on doing this. Also available in Rustic and Moss.

This Wallet Premium Nude is sized: 6,3 cm by 10,5 cm (2 1/2" by 4 1/16").

I craft all these products by hand myself which lengthens the production time to even two weeks + shipping. I wish you take this into account and understand, thanks a lot!

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