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Slim Fixed Camera Strap Pueblo Black

This approx. 90cm (35.43") long and 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick leather camera strap keeps your camera within your grasp. It's minimalistic in design and handcrafted in detail. It comes with "built-in" bumpers to protect your camera from scratches of the attachment ring.

The leather is world famous 1st-grade vegetable tanned Pueblo leather from an Italian tannery Badalassi Carlo. Pueblo's rugged and so-called "damaged" look is its recognizable character which makes it so unique. Over time it gets darker and smoother.

Colors available: Pueblo Olive and Pueblo Cognac.

Everything is made-to-order which means the production time - considering the order queue and the fact that I'm the only one crafting the products - can be up to 2 weeks. Thanks for understanding this!


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