Traveler's Wallet Brandy

As a traveler only carries a few cards there is a place for four of them in the wallet. Cash is the thing when you're traveling so there is a safe place to put the Benjamins - let the coins chink in your pocket as you wander.

This Traveller's Wallet is made out of genuine yak leather and it's hand-stitched with waxed thread to last a lifetime. Again a minimalistic wallet as it's made out of one piece of leather. A unique design that at the same time is practical. This is a fellow traveler and you can rely on it where ever you roam.

Dimensions of this Traveler's Wallet are 7,7 cm by 10 cm (3.03" by 3.94") when closed and when opened 16 cm by 10 cm (6.30" by 3.94").

This wallet is made to order so please be patient with the lead time being up to 2 weeks before shipping. I craft all the products by hand and there might be orders already waiting in line. Thank you!

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