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Flat Wallet Black

Want to own a wallet that you can brag about? This black Flat Wallet is one that allows you to do it. There are several reasons for this:

  1. An original design that you don't see anywhere.
  2. Handmade from scratch...
  3. Finland.
  4. It's made with world-famous ecological veg-tan Pueblo Black leather...
  5. ...that patinates beautifully.
  6. Carries up to 8 cards and folded cash (I'm not sure how to brag about that but you'll find a way).
  7. This wallet is made-to-order just for you.

So there is a lot of reasons why you should be a Flat Walleter. 

If you want this design in another color, please contact me asap.


10,8 x 6,7 x 1,2 cm (4.25" x 2.63" x .47")

Made to order - lead time is up to two weeks before shipping. If there's inventory left (it will be visible below this text) the product will be shipped within two days from purchase.

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