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Ranch Wallet Wax Cognac


A handmade 6-pocket bi-fold wallet that can carry 0-14 cards. If 14 too many you can replace them with cash, receipts and coupons. There are four classic card slots and then you have two pockets underneath them. You can either put cards in there or cash either folded or halfway there and keep the rest of the bills hangin in the middle - a quicker access to your Benjamins. This design is a classic that serves time well.

The vegetable-tanned cow leather in this particular wallet is Wax Cognac by a fabous tannery from Italy, Badalassi Carlo. It's a first-grade full-grain pull-up leather article that show marks when you bend or scratch it. But do not worry, the oils in this leather fixes the marks over time. What time does to this also, is patina - this wallet gets more beautiful over time.

Made to order - lead time is up to two weeks before shipping. If there's inventory left (it will be visible below this text) the product will be shipped within two days from purchase.

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