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Vortex Wallet Black

Vortex is a wrap wallet that wraps around itself forming 3 pockets. The core pocket can carry up to 6 cards and folded cash, the back pocket is for one card for easy access and the front pocket is for double-folded cash. This compact wallet looks good and looks better over time.

The leather in this wallet is Pueblo Black, a 1st-class vegetable-tanned leather from Italy by a tannery called Badalassi Carlo. Its rugged texture feels and looks good and over time turns smoother and shinier. A proper patina journey!

Dimensions of this wallet: 9,7 x 6,6 x 1 cm (3.82" x 2.60" x .39")

Contact me in order to acquire other leather options and colors of the tread. I'm always happy to do this wallet with new leather.

Made to order - lead time is up to two weeks before shipping. If there's inventory left (it will be visible below this text) the product will be shipped within two days from purchase.

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