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Wallet Absolute Gold (1-off)

It's absolutely simple. This wallet I mean! The design of it is the simplest I've ever crafted. Don't get me wrong, it's still practical and pleasant to use. You can stuff 4 cards innit and folded cash. If you want a minimalistic wallet you must have minimalistic carry so 4 cards and cash will do just fine. The cut on the top makes it easier to get the cards from Wallet Absolute so you don't have to use an endless amount of hours to find the right card. Consider this as a time saver.

The leather in this specific piece of craftsmanship is Koala Gold. I know what you think: "I don't want a wallet that is made from Koala leather." Me neither so this is Moo! aka cow. It's vegetable-tanned, 1st-grade leather from an Italian tannery called Puccini Attilio.

You can decide between two thread options: Cognac and Pink. If you like the design but would like to get it in a different color please feel free to browse through the website to find a leather you prefer. Then contact me and I'll craft this one for you from that leather. 

The dimensions: 10,2 x 6 x 0,3 cm (4.01" x 2.36" x .12")

Both of these wallets are one-of-a-kind products so there will be no other ones ever made.

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