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Double Wrist Band Pueblo Black

This Double Wrist Band is made out of black vegetable tanned Italian Pueblo leather. For some of you, that doesn't make any sense so let me put it this way: it's 1st grade leather and it patinates beautifully. There. Just wrap this black item to your wrist (twice) and you're good to go. It stays in your wrist with a metal stud which color you can choose between Black Nickel and Antique Brass.

Width 1 cm (.39"), thickness 2,2 mm (5-6 oz), length depends on your wrist - read more about measuring it below.

Pueblo Olive and Pueblo Cognac are also available colors for the leather. 

Consider the crafting time to be up to two weeks as I'm the only one making these and there might be orders in line, thanks!

About the materials

If you haven't heard of Pueblo leather you've missed a lot. From a famous tannery in Italy, Badalassi Carlo comes the one and only vegetable-tanned Pueblo leather. It has a unique texture which is so to say "damaged". It's made with a special machine made especially for creating Pueblo and it creates this matte surface that has a nice feel to it. Pueblo patinates quickly giving it a darker and more glossy surface. That patina you've created is one of the most rewarding things when using leather products - an achievement so to say.

Pueblo is widely used in leathercrafting and one of the most common reasons for this is that it's so nice to work with. It's firm yet flexible as it's from the shoulder of a cow. It's vegetable tanned so that's why it's great for wallets, camera straps, and other products that need the leather to be a bit stiff. Another reason is of course the texture and the feel of the leather.