10% off on orders over 100€ with code "OVER100" // Free shipping in Finland on orders over 100€

10% off on orders over 100€ with code "OVER100" // Free shipping in Finland on orders over 100€

Double Wrist Band Pueblo Cognac

Wrap twice this Wrist Band Pueblo Cognac and you're good to go. It's a perfect accessory as the only thing in your wrist or as a partner for your watch. This unisex item is made out of Italian vegetable tanned leather (aka veg-tan) called Pueblo. It's high-quality leather and the patina...!! After a couple of months of use, it looks like you inherited it from your great grandmother. 

This Wrist Band's sizes are 1 cm (.39") wide and 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick. Below there is more info on how to measure your wrist - it specifies the length of the Wrist Band.

Stud colors are either black nickel or antique brass. If this leather color isn't your preferred one please peek these two options: Pueblo Olive and Pueblo Black

I make all orders by hand so the lead time might be up to two weeks until shipment. There is an order queue that I have to consider and all orders are prioritized in the order they come. Thank you so much for understanding.

The leather I use for the Wrist Bands is vegetable tanned Pueblo. It's high-quality leather from a world famous Italian tannery called Badalassi Carlo. Its most recognizable feature is the texture on the surface which they make with a special tool of their own. The surface is matte but the oils used in the dying process make the leather smooth and shiny over time - that's patina. The leather is from a shoulder of a cow so it's thick and strong although the shoulder being near the neck makes the leather a bit flexible. It's dyed through so both sides and inside of the leather is the color cognac.

At Badalassi Carlo they master the art of creating beautiful leather and they work on every skin carefully to maintain their high-quality standards. That's why their leather is widely spread around the world.