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Flat Wallet Ecbatana

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Flat Wallet is a compact piece of craftsmanship. It carries a total of 8 cards: two on the outside pockets and rest inside including folded cash. Two press fasteners keep the stuff where they are supposed to stay. Even though this carries a lot of stuff it manages to stay flat and thin. Also, its design is a conversation starter.

Another starter of a conversation is this leather. It's full-grain vegetable-tanned cow leather from Italian tannery called Badalassi Carlo. The leather is called Ecbatana and it has the most unique texture - as they're all made by hand in Italy. I have no clue with what tools these marks are made but every piece of it is unique. The leather is thick and strong yet flexible and soft. It looks good. It feels good and it smells soooo good!

Contact me if you'd like this design in another leather that isn't available for this design.

Dimensions: 10,8 x 6,7 x 1,2 cm (4.25" x 2.63" x .47")

Ready made product. The product will be shipped within 2 days after purchase. If this is sold out please ask me when the next batch will be done!

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