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Gofer Wallet Pine

A buttonless handmade Gofer Wallet sure is a perfect match for a wanderer. It's also a great choice for one who's not a wanderer - just wanted to make that clear! It has a core pocket for 5 cards, folded cash and such, front pocket for your second most used card and a quick access slot on the back for the one card to rule them all! It's compact which makes it feel really nice in hand and easy to use.

This one is made with vegetable-tanned Pueblo Olive leather which is made in Italy by a famous tannery called Badalassi Carlo. The leather has a rugged matte surface that has really nice feel to it. Over time it'll darken a bit and turn shinier and smoother.

I craft everything with a made-to-order practice. This might longen the lead time to two weeks before shipping but it's worth the wait. Thanks for understanding!