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Leather Key Fob

Let me introduce you to one of the first products in Luava's history: Leather key fob. This fellow isn't here just to make your keys look awesome but it's also here to make you reach your keys better! With the brass snap button, you can attach the fob to your belt loop or bag's strap so that when you arrive at your door your keys are right there within your grasp. Everyone knows that it's really annoying to search your keys from the bottom of your bag, right?

There are two options for the length of the leather key fob: 10 cm (3.94") or 6 cm (2.36"). The longer one can reach your pocket if you snap it to your belt loop which is a convenient way to carry keys that are always easily available.

All leather key fobs are made to order so prepare for a slightly longer lead time (up to 2 weeks before shipping). The orders are processed in chronological order so.

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