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NERO Wallet Nero

NERO Wallet is designed with a traditional wallet in mind. It's a classic model that serves almost everyone. It can carry comfortably 4-8 cards and unfolded cash. If you carry more stuff it can surely hold up to 12 cards but some might feel that amount to be a bit too crowded.

This version of NERO is made 100% with Pueblo Black leather. It's vegetable-tanned leather from an Italian tannery called Badalassi Carlo. The leather is full-grain leather and for people who don't know what that means - it's the best part of the leather. The wallet is handmade from cutting the pieces to hand stitching (with waxed black thread by using a saddle stitching technique) and edge finishing. Made in Finland.

Contact me if you fancy this wallet with a different leather, leather combo or thread if you can't find a version you like from here.

Size: 10,5 x 8,5 x 1 cm (4.13" x 3.34" x .4")

Made to order - lead time is up to two weeks before shipping. If there's inventory left (it will be visible below this text) the product will be shipped within two days from purchase.


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