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Notebook Cover Shade a6

For all people who still believe in using an actual pen! This handcrafted leather notebook cover shields your notes and sketches from any damage that might occur. When your a6 notebook gets filled you can easily replace it with a new one (suits also for many different notebook brands). This is possible with the binding threat that creates a sling inside the cover. You and the notebook cover are going to travel a long journey together with only the content changing.

The cover is made out of yak leather, finished with my self-made beeswax leather balm, and equipped with a brass metal stud to keep the notebook covered. You can customize your own notebook by choosing the color of the binding thread from four options.

The size of the notebook cover is 11 cm by 15,5 cm (4 1/3" by 6 1/5") so it probably fits in your pocket.

As all of my products also this one is made to order which means that it's ready for shipping in up to two weeks. This is because there is a queue for orders to consider and all the orders are handcrafted in chronological order. Wow, that's a lot of "orders" in that sentence!

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