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Overfold Wallet Ghost Burgundy

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Compact and convenient handmade wallet. You can fit 7 cards inside in total along with folded cash to this wallet: 5 to the core pocket, 1 to the front pocket, 1 the most used card on the larger back pocket, and folded cash on the small back pocket. The press button flap allows you to stash coins inside too if you're into coinage. Overall Overfold Wallet Ghost Burgundy is small and holds just enough stuff to survive out there.

This vegetable-tanned leather is from Italy. The tanner that makes this amazing ghost leather is Conceria La Bretagna. Its key feature is the wax on the surface which not only protects the leather but gives it an amazing patina-journey as the leather's color becomes visible over time from under the wax. So the look of this Overfold Wallet will change to even more amazing!

This item is 7cm (2.75") wide, 10 cm (3.93") tall and 1,5cm (.59") thick when empty.

Other colors are available here.

Ready made product. The product will be shipped within 2 days after purchase. If this is sold out please ask me when the next batch will be done!

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