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Proper Wallet Ghost Whiskey

Proper Wallet is a classy decision for a classy person. It has two front pockets and a back pocket and they all can carry a total of 4 cards and folded cash. That should be enough for a classy person. Also, a classy person carries their wallet in the front pocket so this is unnoticeable when doing so.

The leather is veg-tan 1st-grade full-grain cow leather called Ghost Whiskey by an Italian tannery Conceria La Bretagna. It has a wax layer (a rather thick one) on the leather that over time wears off when in use forming a really nice patina.

Want this wallet in a different color? Contact me and we'll talk.

The wallet's size: 10,5 x 8 x 0,5 cm (4.2" x 3.1" x .2").

Did you know that patience is a virtue? That's true and it comes alive with this product: It's made-to-order so the lead time can be fourteen days before I can ship it. Thanks!

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