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Proper Wallet Nude

A Proper Wallet is a kind of wallet that looks classy, acts appropriately, is more of a giver than a taker, and always delivers. As a well-mannered gent, it carries your belongings in three compact pockets that can hold up to 4 cards and folded cash. As this good old sport gets older it can carry even more stuff as the leather stretches. This companion is so polite that it keeps to itself without making any hassle. Sometimes you won't even notice it being around until you need it. A true fellow traveler.

This specific individual is made with Maremma Nude which is a vegetable-tanned, semi-glossy, full-grain, 1st-grade, toxin-free, hyphen-overload, cow leather by Conceria Puccini Attilio from Tuscany, Italy. It's a really fine leather article that patinates properly. Over time this leather turns darker giving this wallet a nice contrast between the leather and the handstitched white waxed thread.

If you want this wallet but with different color don't be afraid to contact me so we can make you the wallet you desire.

The size: 10 x 7,5 x 0,5 cm (3.93" x 2.95" x .2"). Note that there is an option to choose the back pocket to be more closed. The open back pocket gives a bit better access to the back pocket.

I craft by hand all these wallets by order. This means the production time is longer and there are other orders in line too so the lead time is up to 2 weeks before shipping. Patience is a virtue!

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