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Quadruple Wrist Band Pueblo Cognac

Fourth time's a charm - or how did it go? Anyway, this Quadruple Wrist Band Pueblo Cognac is next level. It's handcrafted in Finland, it's an eco-friendly product and it's Pueblo - 1st grade Italian leather (more info about Pueblo further down). The unisex product is simple in design and looks great on the left and right wrist. Also, it patinates so beautifully that you want to frame it after 3 months of use.

This Wrist Band is 1 cm (.39") wide with a thickness of around 2,2 mm (5-6 oz). Length is somewhere between 70 and 80 cm (27.56"-31.50") but depends on how accurately you measure the circuit of your wrist (more info below).

Pueblo Olive and Pueblo Black are available colors too if Pueblo Cognac isn't your cup of tea. 

Note that the lead time could increase to a maximum of two weeks. This is possible only because there is only me, Juuso, crafting these creations for you and I might have several orders in the queue.