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Quadruple Wrist Band Pueblo Olive

Handcrafted in the land of a thousand lakes and forests. This Pueblo Olive color represents the Finnish way of respecting nature. Wearing this piece of craftsmanship is like taking a Finnish coniferous forest with you where ever you go. You can practically hear a Tengmalm's owl howling in the treetops. 

This product is 1 cm (.39") wide, 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick, and the length will be determined by your wrist. Wrist measurement guide below.

Pueblo Olive isn't the only color available. Pueblo Black and Pueblo Cognac are also in stock. 

Two weeks of lead time before shipping might be possible. This is because I'm the only one making the products and I craft all by hand. There might be other orders in line too. Thanks for understanding.