10% off on orders over 100€ with code "OVER100" // Free shipping in Finland on orders over 100€

10% off on orders over 100€ with code "OVER100" // Free shipping in Finland on orders over 100€

Single Wrist Band Pueblo Black

I can describe this product in three words: Simple, rugged, and high-quality-vegetable-tanned-italian-full-grain-badalassi-carlo-pueblo-leather-that-ages-well. This Single Wrist Band in the color Pueblo Black is made for all genders so remember that when you're ordering this as a present: get yourself one too!

The width 1 cm (.39"). Thickness 2,2 mm (5-6 oz). The length depends on the wrist size. Below you can read how to measure the wrist properly.

The stud can be antique brass or black nickel. There are also Pueblo Olive and Pueblo Cognac available colors for the leather.

Consider the lead time to be two weeks max as there is an order queue and Luava is a one-man workshop. Thanks for getting it! 

This 1st grade leather is full grain, vegetable tanned, Italian, a shoulder of a cow, from a world famous Tannery Badalassi Carlo and it's called Pueblo. This particular color is Pueblo Black and its surface is something out of this world. It's matte, rugged, and has these small "scratches" that are handmade with a specific tool. That gives the leather its unique look. Also, the leather smells amazing! As already mentioned this leather is made from the shoulder of a cow so it's really strong and 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick. As the shoulder is affected by the neck movement of the cow it gives the leather some flexibility. Pueblo Black is dyed completely through so it's all black. During the tanning process, the leather is oiled which gives the leather a smooth and shiny look after several months of use.