Worldwide shipping! Free shipping in Finland for orders over 90€.

Worldwide shipping! Free shipping in Finland for orders over 90€.

Single Wrist Band Pueblo Olive

This Single Wrist Band in the color Pueblo Olive can be the only thing in your wrist or a pal for your watch like I use it. It's really high-quality Italian Pueblo leather from a famous tannery called Badalassi Carlo. It has a matt rugged surface and it patinates like crazy and by "crazy" I mean nicely and quickly.

The wrist band is 1 cm (.39") wide, 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick and your wrist size determines the length of the Wrist Band. How to make sure I measured my wrist correctly? Check for more info below.

Color options for metal stud are antique brass or black nickel. Other colors for the leather available are Pueblo Cognac and Pueblo Black.

As I craft all the products by hand there is a maximum of two week production time before I can ship your order. Hope you understand as Luava works as a one-man workshop and there might be previous orders in line. Thank you! 

Pueblo Olive is Italian high-quality full grain leather from a world famous Tannery Badalassi Carlo. This vegetable tanned leather is through-dyed meaning it's green from the outside and the inside. The leather I use is a shoulder part of a cow - it's 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick and strong. As it's shoulder it has been affected by the movement of the animal's neck meaning it's flexible too. The surface of the leather is matte. It has this unique look made by hand with a certain tool. It has a nice feel to it and a rugged look - just the way I like it. Another thing I like is the smell of Pueblo leather. It's strong, authentic, and lasts long. The leather contains oils from the tanning process. Those oils show only after some time of use by making the surface of the leather smoother and slightly shiny. That's called patina and it's one of the greatest features of leather as a material. More about the patina below.