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Traveler's Wallet Chocolate

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When a minimalistic design is combined with compact convenience it forms an original-looking everyday-carry item called Traveler's Wallet. This wallet was planned for 4 cards and unfolded cash but the card slots can take more than 8 cards in total if necessary. As the wallet has such a peculiar form it patinates pretty distinctively.

The leather used in this particular article is Maya Chocolate by a famous Italian tannery called Conceria Il Ponte. It has a rugged matte texture that smoothens over time. This wallet is handmade like all other wallets and handstitched with strong brown waxed thread that lasts a lifetime.

If this design is what you are looking for but the color isn't please contact me so we can make you the wallet you really want.

The size of Traveler's Wallet is 7,7 cm x 10 cm (3" x 3 9/10") when closed and when opened 16 cm x 10 cm (6 1/3" x 3 9/10").

Ready made product. The product will be shipped within 2 days after purchase. If this is sold out please ask me when the next batch will be done!

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