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Vortex Wallet Black

Vortex is a wrap wallet that wraps around itself forming 3 pockets. The core pocket can carry up to 6 cards and folded cash, the back pocket is for one card for easy access and the front pocket is for double-folded cash. This compact wallet looks good and looks better over time.

The leather in this wallet is Pueblo Black, a 1st-class vegetable-tanned leather from Italy by a tannery called Badalassi Carlo. Its rugged texture feels and looks good and over time turns smoother and shinier. A proper patina journey!

Dimensions of this wallet: 9,7 x 6,6 x 1 cm (3.82" x 2.60" x .39")

Contact me in order to acquire other leather options and colors of the tread. I'm always happy to do this wallet with new leather.

Ready made product. The product will be shipped within 2 days after purchase. If this is sold out please ask me when the next batch will be done!

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