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Wide Neck Pad Fixed Camera Strap Pueblo Black

This Wide Neck Pad Fixed Camera Strap Pueblo Black is a quality product. It's handcrafted in Finland out of the world-famous Pueblo leather. It's 2,2 mm (5-6 oz) thick so it's really tough yet flexible. The wide neck pad gives comfort and still keeps the strap small in size. Minimal design means there are not many moving parts so the focus in crafting goes to detail and precise finishing.

Choose the length of the camera strap yourself. 100cm (39.37") is the most common length if you're not sure.

Pueblo Cognac and Pueblo Olive are also colors that are available.

The product is sent within two weeks from purchase as there might be other orders in the queue and the manual crafting isn't the fastest way - toughest and the most reliable though! If you're in a hurry please contact me.

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