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Gofer on kompakti läppälompakko, jossa on kolme taskua, joihin mahtuu 7 korttia ja taitettua käteistä. Koko suljettuna: 10,5 x 6,5 x 0,8 cm. Käyttämäni nahka on 1,4-1,6 mm paksua. Tämän lompakon vaikeusaste on 5/10. Tämä ladattava digitaalinen tuote sisältää englanninkieliset .pdf-ohjeet, tulostettavan lompakkokaavan (reikien väleille 3, 3,85, 4 ja 6 mm) ja valokuvia valmiista tuotteesta - kaikki A4- ja Letter-koossa.

Tämä malli on vain testaus- ja harjoittelutarkoituksiin, mutta voit myydä muutaman luomasi lompakon.

Customer Reviews

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AG Leather Goods
Awesome pattern

It was a pleasure work with this pattern, many options for different irons and very easy to follow instructions step by step. The combos you can make with this pattern are just limited by your imagination.

Thanks mate! You made some kick ass Gofers!

Cebi shoy
Great pattern

I am a beginner and this was very easy to put together. It is very functional. You can change it up to suit your taste. I had fun making this . Great work . Keep it up

Thank you Cebi! Next time you can take a bit more advanced pattern!

Mel @ropindreamz
Easy to work with

It was the first time for me, as a beginner working with a pattern and it was very fun and easy to work with this easy step by step instructions. very good to understand.
It takes my fear from doing more with leather.
Many thanks for this very usual and great wallet design. Love it!

Thank you Mel for the review. It's so satisfying to hear that the pattern worked well!

Artisan Works
Highly recommended!

Regardless of your level of experience in leather crafting, the Gofer Wallet pattern makes it both enjoyable and effortless to create your own wallet. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow and the end result is truly impressive! Additionally, the template provides useful tips and tricks to enhance your crafting journey. I highly recommend giving the Gofer Wallet pattern template a try. It's a practical choice for anyone interested in crafting their own wallet with style.

It's so heart warming to read such a review! I feel that it's important to make the instructions easy to follow if you are either a pro or a beginner. Thanks for the review!

Sarah Roe
Fun template

Template was easy to understand and follow. Design is minimal, functional but yet can also be manipulated in many ways to make it your own.

If I wasn’t using baseball leather and utilizing the markings off the mitt, I wouldn’t have had to deviate from the original layout.

Looking forward to making another wallet but using other leather options to create a wallet just like the template suggests.

Great template! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you Sarah - I'm glad you enjoyed it!