Info for the sponsors of Gofer Wallet Challenge

The challenge:

  • The participants purchase the #GoferWallet pattern
  • They make the wallet in their own style and post it on IG with a tag #GoferWalletChallenge and by tagging me @luavafinland
  • After the challenge The Almighty Jury* picks their favorite and the winner gets one of the sponsors prize** which will be sent to the winner by the sponsor.


  • All sponsors and their prizes has to be confirmed on Wednesday the 7th of June.
  • Time to participate on the challenge: 12th to 30th of June.
  • The Almighty Jury selects the winners: 1st to 9th of July.
  • The announcement of the winners: 10th of July.

What will the sponsor get?

  •  I will do a separate collaboration post about every sponsor I get to my 27k IG follower base that includes thousands of leather crafters.
  • I will tag your IG channel to all posts about this challenge which is good in the eyes of the Meta algorithm.
  • Every sponsor gets a backlink to my site which is good in the eyes of Google.
  • I will make visual material separately for all sponsors and share them to you. To achieve the maximum reach I hope you as a sponsor share some of the material I send to you.
  • Sponsors can also offer a discount during the challenge to possibly drive more traffic and sales and I will promote it in the collaboration post. Just let me know about it asap.

*The Almighty Jury:

Other ways to win a prize:

  • The main prize of the challenge will be decided with a vote on Instagram.
  • I, Juuso will be picking my favorite Gofer.
  • Five prizes will be selected randomly within ALL participants.

Sponsors and their prizes:

    If you have any questions please send me an email to or DM me on Instagram. Let's make this the biggest wallet challenge so far!

    Juuso / Luava