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Worldwide shipping! Free shipping in Finland for orders over 90€.

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Want a leather product for your brand? Are you a reseller interested in my products? Maybe you have an idea for a collaboration? Get in touch and let's discuss things in more depth - you can either have a clear vision of what you want or we can figure it out together. I have a lot of ideas and a passion for designing new innovative products so use that for your benefit. Also, I offer product photography service so you can get the whole package from me.

Juuso Virtanen
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Here's a couple of my favorite collaborations.

SUF Helsinki handmade leather watch pouch made by Luava Finland

SUF Helsinki

This independent watchmaker has done a long and successful collaboration with me. I've designed and crafted them a batch of watch pouches, leather tags for their merino wool beanies and wool socks, coasters that got sold out immediately and now we're planning some new interesting product releases for the future.

SUF Helsinki handmade leather coaster by Luava

Mukama handmade leather edc-organizer by Luava Finland


We started Mukama's own leather product collection. The first creation was edc-organizers (like in the photo), then a larger version for it and then a two-pocket option. Some cool coasters were made along the way and now interesting new things are under planning. Below you see a product photo commissioned by Mukama.

Luava product photography Mukama Memobottle

leather razor covers by Luava

Nordic Shaving Company

NSC needed some razor covers so I designed them one and it's been a great collaboration ever since. We've also made their very own shaving brush travel cover.

NSC shaving brush travel cover handmade in Finland by Luava

Partawa handmade leather beard comb case by Luava


I designed a tempered version of one of my wallet models for Partawa's beard comb case. After that I made a new wallet design exclusively for their use.