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Luava story

Traditional methods has always been my thing. Listening vinyl records, writing on a notebook and drawing sketches on an actual paper makes the whole process feel like an experience - a journey to the good old times. This applies to every product I craft. It’s never the fastest way but it sure is the toughest and the most reliable one.

My father has always been an innovative craftsman. Ever since I was little I've watched him craft all kinds of amazing things - for example a 10 meter long wooden boat (Oskari) that has been a second home for me all my life. From him I've learned the love to craftsmanship.

In the year 2015 I needed a new wallet and all I could find wasn't matching the one I had in mind. So I bought a set of tools for leather crafting and some leather scraps and crafted myself a leather wallet. From that moment on I've been passionate about leather crafts.

2019 me and my wife bought a house in Espoo and I finally got a proper workshop! In September that year our family grew by one little boy who gave me even more inspiration for my work.

I hope you get as much out of my creations as I get from making them.

- Juuso

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