Luava leather crafter Juuso

The face behind Luava

I'm determined to master the art of leather craft so I put everything to each product I make.

Luava story

Traditional methods has always been my thing. Listening vinyl records, writing on a notebook and drawing sketches on an actual paper makes the whole process feel like an experience - a journey to the good old times. This applies to every product I craft. It’s never the fastest way but it sure is the toughest and the most reliable one.

My father has always been an innovative craftsman. Ever since I was little I've watched him craft all kinds of amazing things - for example a 10 meter long wooden boat (Oskari) that has been a second home for me all my life. From him I've learned the love to craftsmanship.

In the year 2015 I needed a new wallet and all I could find wasn't matching the one I had in mind. So I bought a set of tools for leather crafting and some leather scraps and crafted myself a leather wallet. From that moment on I've been passionate about leather crafts.

2019 me and my wife bought a house in Espoo and I finally got a proper workshop! In September that year our family grew by one little boy who gave me even more inspiration for my work. In 2021 we got another boy that gave me even more inspiration!

I hope you get as much out of my creations as I get from making them.

- Juuso