Terms and conditions for businesses

As Luava is a small artisan business operated with only one man there are some things to take into account in order to make everything go smoothly.

Starting conversation

We talk, we share ideas, we brainstorm and find a clear vision of what You want and then I can start working with the digital prototype.

Making a digital prototype (not mandatory)

After our talk I will make a digital prototype (two dimensional file from all necessary sides) of the product so you can see how it would look. Either you approve it and I can start working on it or you suggest adjustments and I make another digital prototype. 

Making a prototype isn’t mandatory as we might have everything clear in the beginning so I could start right away. If you want a physical prototype it will cost extra - price depends on the size and complexity of the product.


I send you an offer of the products via email along with the digital prototype and the estimation of the production time. All rights reserved to adjust the prices on further orders. This is because of variables regardless of my work (for e.g. material costs might alter). This rarely happens but I will let you know if it does.

Placing an order

You can place the order simply by replying to the email thread with the quantities. After that I’ll order the material and as soon as they arrive I can start working with your order. One disclaimer is that all leather hides are sized differently and there might be unusable parts in the middle of the hide - so if your product has larger surface areas (for e.g. desk pads) I might not be able to make as many products as you ordered. This is because it’s very expensive to order one full leather hide just in case so I have to trust the sizes the supplier informs me.

Order quantities

As a one-man show Luava accepts small quantities in addition to larger corporate orders. This way you can try new things with very little risk to see what kind of product works. Note that the unit price is higher on the smaller quantities.

Large orders are very welcome. We just have to discuss the production time.

All order quantities I inform in the offer are per color of the leather.

Production time

I will give you the estimation of the production time when I know what you are ordering and how much. However all production times I inform are directional as there are so many variables in a production. For example preparing and shipping the materials are in the hands of the suppliers so if they have any issues it affects the production time. The part I can affect is the crafting but if something happens to me (I get sick etc.) it might delay the production time.

Smaller orders can be ready within a couple of weeks and larger orders within a month or two (depending on how large the order is). On the larger orders if you want some products quicker (e.g. to your shop for sale) I can send them in two batches - one in the middle of the production and the rest when I’m finished.


The products are packed securely in a cardboard box without any separate product packaging. If you want a separate product packaging I’m willing to do it but you have to provide the materials to me. Also, it takes time to do it so it will cost a bit extra but the products would be ready to be put on display.


Leather is a material that has characteristics, all pieces are slightly different to each other and there might be small marks and blemishes on the surface of the leather but they make all pieces unique.


I will ship the package (or the packages) with a courier company so you will get the package quickly and safely. The price will be added to the final invoice. Make sure you inform an address where there is someone receiving the package as it’s delivered to your door. Alternatively you can guide the courier company to leave the package to a safe place.

Payment within the EU

Small orders will be invoiced via email after the package is shipped.

On larger orders it would be desirable if the payment could be done partly beforehand and rest after all of the products are shipped. This is because I might need to order leather worth thousands or euros for a large order. Unfortunately in these cases I can’t offer any discounts on the pre-order payments. If this is something you can't do let's talk about it in order to find a solution.

The term of payment is 14 days after the invoice is sent. The prices will be adapted to your country’s VAT percentage.

Payment outside the EU

All orders outside the EU will be fully invoiced before the production.

The term of payment is 14 days after the invoice is sent. The prices will be VAT free.


There are no returns on custom b2b orders. If you comply with all terms mentioned above there will be no unpleasant surprises with your order. If something unusual occurs let me know and we'll figure it out.


You can make a refill-order via email. The section “Payment within the EU” applies to larger orders in refill-orders too. Unfortunately no discounts on refill-orders.