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Voyager Notebook Cover

The fellow traveler you can count on. Write something down, sketch an idea or just keep a diary. This refillable notebook cover is made with 2mm (5oz) full grain leather so it will shield your important content from unfortunate incidents. It's very minimalistic and convenient as the pen pocket keeps the cover closed. Just pick a color and you're good to go!

There is room for two interchangeable notebooks (9cm x 14cm / 3.5" x 5.5") that are the standard sized Moleskine, Field Notes and Word notebooks. The default package contains the brass pen and one Moleskine notebook of your choice and you can choose to take it also with a 3-pack. 

The package comes with a brass ballpoint pen that has interchangeable ink cartridge and that is very unique in its minimalistic form. It comes with one cartridge filled with black ink - a standard cartridge you can find from your local office store.

The size of the package is 12cm x 15cm (4.7" x 5.9") closed. The size of the pen: 0,9cm x 13,3cm (0.35" x 5.24").

Made to order. The lead time is 2 weeks before shipping so be patient and it will deliver!


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