Info for The Almighty Jury of the Gofer Wallet Challenge

The Challenge:

  • The participants purchase the Gofer Wallet Pattern, make the wallet in their own style within 12th to 30th of June and share it on Instagram with tags #GoferWalletChallenge and @luavafinland
  • After the challenge, from 1st to 9th of July, as a member of The Almighty Jury your only job is to browse through the Gofer Wallets on Instagram that are tagged with #GoferWalletChallenge and pick your favorite that suits your category the best (see categories below). Then share the post to me via DM so I can contact the winners on the announcement day.
  • The announcement of the winners: 10th of July.

The Almighty Jury

  • Craft and Lore: the most distinctive interpretation of Gofer
  • DS Leathergoods: the work of art Gofer
  • Orraman Leather: the most interesting detail in a Gofer
  • Lighthouse Leather Co: the oddest Gofer
  • STR Handmade: the best color combo in a Gofer

Other ways for the participants to win a prize:

  • The winner of the main price will be decided with a vote on Instagram.
  • I will be picking my favorite Gofer.
  • Five prices will be selected randomly within ALL participants.
  • More ways might appear if more sponsors sign up.

      Sponsors and their prizes:

      The Announcement of the Winners and the Distribution of the Prizes

      When 10th of July comes I will do an Instagram-live to announce all the winners and their prizes. The prizes will be raffled except the main prize which is known beforehand.

      Anything else?

      There are couple of things you can do as the member of The Almighty Jury. These surely aren't mandatory but would make you more committed to the challenge and bring you even closer to the community.

      • Make a Gofer Wallet yourself and share it on Instagram with tags #GoferWalletChallenge and @luavafinland - I will send you the link as soon as the challenge begins.
      • Accept the collaboration post that I'll make separately to each member of The Almighty Jury.
      • Fun plus: After choosing the winner in your category make a video with a phone announcing it and send it to me for sharing purposes. You can also say hi to the crafters and whatnot.

      Any questions? Hit me a DM on Instagram or email