Wallet for men

Wallet for men

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Luava handmade leather wallet for men

Wallet is not just a wallet for men

A man's wallet is an important accessory and a daily companion that carries important cards, cash and personal documents. With the help of this article, we will get to know the meaning of a wallet, its popular models, materials and how to choose just the right wallet for men.

Luava handmade leather bi-fold wallet for men

1. Bi-fold wallets

A traditional bi-fold wallet offers enough space to store cards and cash. A stylish alternative between a minimalist and a bulky wallet. Most bi-fold wallets have at least 4 card slots and a bill pocket, sometimes there is also a coin pocket inside. Bermuda Wallet is a proper option in this wallet category.

handmade Absolute minimalist leather wallet for men

2. Minimalist card holders

A very light and minimalist option made for a few cards and folded bills. The coins go home at the bottom of the pocket and find their way into the piggy bank. These card holders often have just one pocket. For many men, this wallet is suitable as an alternative wallet for parties and vacations. Good option for this is Wallet Absolute.

Overfold wallet a handmade leather wallet for men

3. Card holders

A slightly more versatile card holder that contains several pockets for cards and folded cash. A wrap wallets like Overfold Wallet is a common version in this category. It's made from a single piece of leather that is wrapped around itself to form several pockets. These take up just a bit more space but are still very compact wallets to carry in your front pocket.

Material options for wallets

Material options for wallets

How to decide the material for a wallet?

Wallet for men - how to choose a right wallet for men

Now you have more info about choosing a wallet for men. If you want to see all the options I have crafted myself you can simply click here to see all wallets in my catalogue. Hope you find something you're searching for.

- Juuso Virtanen / Luava