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Proper Wallet Digital Pattern

Proper Wallet is a very classic design. Three pockets in a very compact package. Crafting this wallet is pretty straight forward but the T-pocket makes it a bit more tricky so the skill level is 5/10.

This is a downloadable digital product and it includes a .pdf instructions for the crafting, the printable wallet template and photos of the finished product - in a4 and letter sizes. It comes with with five different stitching hole spacings: 3mm, 3.38mm 3.85mm, 4mm and 6mm.

Proper Wallet carries 6 cards and folded cash. The wallet's size is 10,5 x 8 x 0,5 cm (4.2" x 3.1" x .2") and the thickness of the leather I use is 1,4-1,6 mm (4 oz.).

This pattern is for testing and practicing purposes only but you can sell a couple wallets you create.


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Read more about this mens bifold leather wallet

info about the leather of this mens bifold wallet

All color variations of this mens bifold leather wallet is made with Italian high-quality full grain leather from a world famous tannery Badalassi Carlo. These vegetable tanned leathers are through-dyed meaning it's coloured from the outside and the inside. The leather I use for this bifold wallet is 1,5 mm (3-4 oz) thick. The surface of the leather is matte (so called "damaged") and its unique look is made with a certain tool created specifically for this use only. The surface has a very nice feel and a rugged look in it and another great thing is the smell of Pueblo leather.

The leather contains oils from the dying process. Those oils show after some time of use by making the surface of the leather smoother and slightly shiny. That's called patina and it's one of the greatest features of leather as a material. More about the patina below.

Color options for a bermuda bifold leather wallet

When designing this bifold wallet I wanted to make as much delicious color options as possible. Some men like their bifold wallet as black as possible but some want it bright. As we all have our own opinions I gave the customer the possibility to choose the color combination of their soon to be bifold leather wallet. See some options below and more from the product images.

Every leather wallet I make is made-to-order so you will be getting a bifold wallet made especially for you. If you can't find a color combination from the selection I've prepared please send me an email ( or DM in Instagram and we'll make it happen!